IOS 11.3 Blocking Third Party Screens? Unable To Adjust Brightness

- Apr 12, 2018-

"Kidney" has become synonymous with every generation of iphones since the news that the young man sold his kidneys to buy the iphone 4. This shows that the price of the iphone in some people's eyes, probably with a kidney transplant almost expensive it! Of course so expensive a mobile phone, bite teeth, stamp stomp, eat soil also bought. As the saying goes, "can afford, can't afford", this precious treasure if accidentally hand-broken screen, it is the end of the world.

iOS 11.3封杀第三方屏幕?无法调节亮度

If not buy Apple care+, the official change screen needs more than 2000 yuan, can say very heart! But fortunately there is a cheap third-party screen. But recently there are foreign science and technology Bo Main blast, upgraded the iOS11.3 iphone 8 after changing the screen, there is no adjustment of brightness, touch-control failure. Engadget, after testing, said that the iphone 8, 8 Plus and iphone x under the iOS 11 system, if through a third party to replace the screen, then will not automatically adjust the brightness, it is likely that the light sensor problems.

iPhone X

In addition, there have been previous iphone x replacement screen after the face ID can not work problem. According to technical personnel, this is because the screen module driver chip certified, unauthorized replacement may cause screen function failure. Apple's official will not easily open the certification to a third party, so the friends who are afraid of changing bricks, or choose to go to official maintenance is better.

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