IOS 11.3 Exposure, Finally Supporting Down Frequency Reduction, And Surprises

- Jan 23, 2018-

Today, micro-blog is exposed to a iOS 11.3 system screenshot. According to foreign media, iOS 11.3 will eventually join the manual button to turn off the iPhone function, and it will be launched next month, and it will also repair a lot of Bug. Apple is also expected to bring the exclusive "all black display" model for iPhone X in iOS 11.3. For iPhone X, make full use of the advantages of the OLED screen, so that the mobile phone will save more electricity.

iOS 11.3曝光 终于支持关闭降频还有惊喜

iOS 11.3曝光 终于支持关闭降频还有惊喜

The news is good news for old users, and the cell phone can finally be resurrected with blood. But full blood may not be a good thing for a decayed battery. At present, the official replacement of the battery is not easy, at least two weeks. Open the switch performance is important, if you want your old iPhone was new, or honestly to change the battery!

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