IOS 11.3 Surprise! IPad Will Also Carry Face Recognition

- Jan 26, 2018-

As another god of Jobs, iPad once as brilliant as the iPhone. However, the tablet refresh cycle was significantly slower than the phone, coupled with the lack of productivity and other reasons, leading to iPad poor performance in recent years. However, at the dawn of full-screen tide, Apple seems to want iPad to take advantage of this share of Dongfeng, and then brilliant.


Recently, according to the developer, it found "Modern iPad" in the beta version of iOS 11.3, just as Apple engineers called the iPhone X "Modern iPhone." Do you say iPad will also support face recognition function? Compared with the iPhone, iPad larger screen if you also use a full screen design, the effect is bound to be even more shocking. However, iPad may not need a borderless design, because not only does not drop, but also have to join the bangs.


So on the whole, the ultra-narrow bezel design in the picture above may be the appearance of the future iPad. However, after removing the Home key iPad, gesture operation will be the most reliable solution. Full screen tide menacing, such an iPad price estimate will not be cheap, how do you think?

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