IOS Official Firmware To Leak The IPhone 8 Information!

- Aug 02, 2017-


On Sunday, the developer Steven Troughton - Smith pulled out in HomePod firmware from the earliest iPhone 8 hidden information, and then open the floodgates, in addition to design, resolution, etc., now even the top of the key parts of the largest mobile phone - status bar details have also been exposed.

8 adopted after it emerged that the iPhone is the so-called "alien" full screen, and at the top of the forehead as sensor, 3 d facial recognition camera set aside a notch, and the gap on either side of the screen, will be designed as similar to the MacBook Pro Touch bar shows the status bar.

The latest information from HomePod firmware shows that the status bar of the iPhone 8 has been redesigned and separated into two parts to fit the top notch. It's more complex than you might think, and it's more powerful, and maybe even interactive.

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