IPhone 6s Accidental Shutdown Can Have Free Batteries Replacement

- Jan 04, 2018-

According to sources, before Apple issued in 2016, "iPhone 6s unexpected shutdown plan", mainly for the production date between September to October 2015 iPhone 6s, as long as encountered a strange accidental shutdown, the device from the purchase After three years are eligible, you can go to the Apple store for free batteries.

Due to the recent "old iPhone down gate", Apple apologized given a "lower replacement price of new batteries," the solution, from late January 2018 to December, outside the warranty period iPhone battery replacement costs From 79 US dollars to 29 US dollars (domestic battery replacement price 608 yuan down to 218 yuan).


The most important thing is, this time for battery activity will be "zero threshold", if your old iPhone is replaced, or non-original battery, or good health, as long as consumers request, Apple will be accepted aftermarket, so for Encounter battery problems through the replacement of third-party users is the gospel.

Finally, if your device as long as the iPhone 6s, confirmed that September 2015 to October between the production of batteries, you need to clearly inform the Apple sales staff to participate in "iPhone 6s accidental shutdown free battery plan," or Will be the default 218 yuan for the latest policy to collect fees.

In addition, on the recent "speed gate" incident, foreign media 9To5Mac reported that Apple reintroduced its battery replacement policy. As long as iPhone 6 and follow-up mobile phone users are willing to pay 29 US dollars (about 189 yuan) costs, and the device is not damaged, then Apple can replace the battery, no longer need to conduct additional battery condition detection.

According to iGeneration, Apple Inc. has released a new internal document to the Apple Store, saying it no longer needs to perform diagnostic tests on its warranted iPhone batteries for direct battery replacement. This means that all iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X users can spend $ 29 to replace the battery.

The actual status of the battery has nothing to do with the battery replacement qualifications, if Apple found that cell phones or other components are damaged, it may not provide replacement battery service.

If you want to get a free battery replacement service through the AppleCare Warranty claim, you will first need to test the battery. Current policy states that a battery replacement is required if the battery capacity is less than 80% of the original capacity.

As Apple announced in its statement, it will provide a $ 29 battery replacement service by 2018 throughout the year. Future iOS updates will better inform users about the battery status of their devices. Users now receive a $ 29 battery replacement service through offline Apple retail stores and online support channels.

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