IPhone 7 /8 Global Price Map: Actually Expensive Than Iphone X In Brazil

- Jun 05, 2018-

The iPhone 7's global price map shows the price changes in color depth. The darker the color, the higher the price.

iphone price in the world.jpg

The 32 G iPhone 7 starts out in the United States at a price of 549 US dollars (approximately 3525 RMB), which is almost half the price of the iPhone X. But in other countries this price advantage is not necessarily so obvious.

As for European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, and Spain, the price of iPhone 7 is more than 900 US dollars. In addition, in economically backward India, the price of the iPhone 7 is as high as 920 US dollars (approximately RMB 5907).

The most expensive country for the iPhone 7 is Brazil, and the price is as high as $1061, which is even higher than the starting price ($999) for the iPhone X US official website.

In fact, Brazil has always been the highest price for iPhone, mainly because Brazil has imposed a high tariff on most imported retail goods. So on the iPhone 8's global price map, you can see similar price distributions.

iphone 8 price in the world.jpg

Of course, the price alone on paper cannot fully reflect the cheapness of the iPhone. To know that the same price of goods, for developed and developing countries, consumers are not the same as cheap, after all, also refer to the purchasing power of different countries.

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