IPhone 7s Or Thicker 0.1mm So That The Camera Can Not Be Highlighted?

- Aug 18, 2017-

This year, iPhone 8 became Apple's most talked about mobile phone, a lot of news reports around this new design of the mobile phone started. But do not forget, in addition to iPhone 8, Apple will continue to practice in accordance with the practice of iPhone 7 orthodox successor iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. These two phones will be the same as the iPhone 8 glass back shell.


Now on the iPhone 7s series has a new rumor. German blogger Giga Apple quotes manufacturer's news, which claims to have an insider in Foxconn, reports that the iPhone 7s are at least 0.1 mm thick in thickness. Not only that, a leaked specification document shows that all sizes of the iPhone 7s are slightly increased.

If the rumors are true, the iPhone 7s will have a thickness of 7.21 mm, while the previous iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s have a thickness of 7.1 mm. Previously, in the iPhone 6s design, due to join the 3D Touch and pressure sensor screen, iPhone 6s thickness compared with the iPhone 6 increased by 0.2 mm. IPhone 7s thicker this year, the reason should be used in the glass design, while adding a wireless charging sensor coil.

In addition, the leaked file also shows that the iPhone 7s width from 67.14 mm to 67.27 mm, height from 138.31 mm to 138.44 mm.

One of the benefits of this subtle change is that the rear camera does not look so bulging (known as thin 0.25 mm). If you think the iPhone 8 is expected to 7,000 yuan above the price is too high, then the iPhone 7s series may be a better choice.

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