IPhone 8 Again Broke The News! The New Machine Colors Are Amazing

- Jul 11, 2017-

In July 9, 2017, twitter maniac Benjamin Geskin released many leaks about iPhone mengliao. He said that as the iPhone 10th Anniversary Memorial products, the new iPhone is not called iPhone 8, nor is it called iPhone X, not called iPhone Edition. It's called iPhone Plus. It is also noted that iPhone Plus does not conflict with iPhone 7s/7s Plus, and is an independent product.

Foreign users believe that the cost of mirror color is higher than the bright color and Matt color, combined with bright black iPhone 7 capacity issues to consider, mirror color iPhone may also encounter capacity problems. So maybe this color is a limited edition".

Benjamin Geskin also said that the new iPhone will retain fingerprints and put the collector on a new home screen button below the boot button. But also bundled wireless charging disk.

These two news and rumors are contrary to the mainstream market trends, the future of Taiwan KGI securities analyst Guo Mingji perennial broke iPhone new product design and apple. Both iPhone and Bloomberg will use full screen design, fingerprint identification, and new facial recognition technology, Guo Mingji and Bloomberg have said. OLED.

At the same time, Bloomberg pointed out that Apple will not include any wireless charging products, only through additional retail channels to sell. Earlier, Benjamin Geskin said, iPhone 10th anniversary version of the fingerprint identification in the screen back, and pointed out that the design is iPhone screen design in his shipping company safety inspectors friends according to the assembly.

Benjamin Geskin, a mobile designer, would prefer to believe in Benjamin Geskin if I looked at the two rumours from this angle. After all, "mirror color" is really too eye-catching.

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