IPhone 8 Cancel The Switch Button Further Simplify Mobile Phones

- Jun 27, 2017-

Apple has brought three new iPhone phones this time, according to previous exposure news, iPhone, 7S and 7S Plus mobile phone is ready, will soon begin mass production. And there is also one of the most anticipated iPhone 8 (10th Anniversary Commemorative Edition) mobile phone, although I do not know whether the final name is iPhone 8, but you can be sure that this product will be very different.

According to the existing message iPhone 8 mobile phone will use the OLED screen, and Apple's first full screen mobile phone, is equipped with 3D camera sensor, support hidden screen fingerprint recognition, support wireless charging and other special features, is a great sense of technology products.

But according to the industry, before Apple does not seem to intend to stop this, apple mobile phone, in addition to outside switch, fast function switch and volume buttons, that is to say there are four physical buttons, now apple is going to give iPhone 8 further simplified. First of all, besides the function switch, there is also the power switch button.


Then, you might be surprised, how can Apple implement the switch after optimizing this button? Some people have found the answer, because someone found system settings interface inside the shutdown option in the iOS 11 version of Beta 2, this is not had in the previous Apple system, only through the shutdown button. Boot may also be achieved by volume adjustment or by hiding Home keys. In fact, technically, it is not impossible to give up an entity button entirely, but it is a problem whether the user will get used to it.


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