Iphone 8 Double SIM Card?

- Sep 08, 2017-

blob.pngSome consumers (especially domestic) hope that Apple can launch dual-card dual standby version of the iPhone to solve their daily trouble to bring two mobile phones out, but obviously Apple is not the current plan, then why Apple is not willing to launch Dual card dual standby version of the iPhone?


Fuselage design problems

Apple is said to be the thinnest iPhone ever, and it is precisely because the pursuit of the ultimate, so the camera from the iPhone6 began to be prominent, because the thin and the camera highlighted the problem, Apple obvious bias to the former, to Know that Apple seems to have been thin and never go, or where to come so much air? In the pursuit of the ultimate thin on this issue, it is clear that Apple can no longer leave space to the dual card design, because both the more common dual card slot design, or some domestic manufacturers to use a card slot dual SIM design are inevitably occupied More fuselage internal volume, think about the apples that little sim card and lighting data interface, where also accommodate another sim card?

Higher power consumption

Dual card means higher power consumption, in the case of a single card, iPhone6 battery life is not very satisfactory, and recently Apple is still in the reduction of battery capacity, if it is dual card dual standby, the results can be imagined.

Affect sales

This question is a good explanation, why is there a double card? "No sale is not killed," the birth of the dual card is to meet those who have two or more numbers, do not want to carry two mobile phone needs, launched a dual card iPhone, for many people, at least for fruit powder , The less an important reason to buy another iPhone, iPhone sales are likely to decline, obviously this is every Apple shareholders are reluctant to see.

Lack of market share

The above three reasons is not really as Apple does not launch dual card iPhone the root cause, because if you really want to do dual card iPhone, the above three questions can be resolved or improved, and Apple does not launch dual card iPhone The fundamental reason is that there is no need, because the dual card dual standby only in China and some developing countries have demand, which is China and some other developing countries, the complexity of operators caused. Such as my big heaven, think about three operators that three different network system to feel the egg pain, but in Europe and the United States mainly developed countries, there is no such problems, such as the United States, four operators, two Network standard, CDMA2000 and WCDMA, not only choose more, and more versatile, dual card dual standby simply does not exist necessary. And Apple's primary target market is precisely Europe and the United States these developed countries and regions.

Demand is not enough to drive new production lines

Last year the news, in the China National Patent Office website into the two information, the content is Apple in China for dual card dual standby patent application technology. Apple patent applications are two, respectively, dual SIM network options (patent number: 2016101166075) and for dual SIM equipment, power consumption reduction technology (patent number: 2016100813788), submitted at the beginning of the year. But if Apple to produce new dual-card dual standby mobile phone is bound to do a good job early new research and development, medium-term new spare parts production line, and finally need to establish a new line in Foxconn. So that because of the need to meet a small number of people's needs, Apple's new product pricing will be greatly increased, may be as the beginning of the article Xiaobian given, support dual card dual standby mobile phone increased by more than 2,000 yuan. By that time, may choose to buy this version of the iPhone's small partners will become less.

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