IPhone 8 Face ID Can Work Well Under This Condition

- Aug 08, 2017-


Developers string indicates that found in the firmware, even if the iPhone 8 is face up flat on a plane, facial recognition function can be normal use of the equipment.Other developers think apple Face ID will be named as “Pearl”:AXRestingPearlUnlock

Interestingly, this feature is classified in the "auxiliary function" option. Currently, Touch ID has some features and features that are categorized into "ancillary functions", even though most users need to use these features and features.

In fact, no less than Face ID technology has been exposed. Bloomberg had earlier reported that apple would improve the speed and accuracy of Face ID recognition.

Previously, developers found in the firmware that apple had quietly changed the design, and that the iPhone 8 removed the Touch ID and replaced the Touch ID with the face recognition feature. That is, the user scans the face through the phone for verification, and, of course, supports Apple Pay.

The developer also found a code hint that the iPhone 8's camera would support a smart scene recognition feature called "SmartCam", which confirmed the arrival of the Face ID. But it's not yet known how Face ID works.

The HomePod code mentions "APPS_USING_PEARL", which means that the Face ID should support third-party applications. This should be the same as the Touch ID support for third-party apps, which can be quickly paid with Face ID when the user USES third-party payment applications.

There is also "PEARL_AUTOLOCK" in the code, which is not known to be related to any specific feature. One security measure that might have been added would automatically lock the iPhone when it detected an unregistered face.

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