IPhone 8 Face Recognition Is More Secure Than Fingerprint Recognition

- Aug 10, 2017-


Mark Gurman, a well-known reporter who reports Apple's future product information, said that devices like Samsung Galaxy S8 have now provided facial recognition, but their facial recognition sensors are deceived by user's photos. And Apple to launch than its cash on the iphone fingerprint reader more secure facial recognition, you must eliminate this vulnerability. Samsung mobile phone also has an iris recognition function, although more secure, but the reaction is slow.

Gurman also said iPhone8's face recognition speed will be very fast, it is not surprising. Because the Galaxy S8's face detection sensor is also very fast, when the phone was picked up from the table on the moment you can complete the identification.

In addition, some analysts speculated that the 3D sensor problem is led to the iPhone 8 will delay the launch of the "culprit."

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