IPhone 8 Is Good, But Do Not Split Screen, Can Not Afford To Repair!

- Sep 20, 2017-

Many car owners will be so sigh: can afford to afford cars, can not afford to drive. A small amount of money to buy flowers is far less than the cost of follow-up maintenance. For mobile phones, today's screen is getting bigger and bigger, the price is getting more expensive. If you accidentally broken screen, not as good as buying a new one. Apple recently announced a new maintenance policy, can only say that the phone can not afford now, but also can not afford to repair!


As we all know, the screen of the Apple mobile phone is the most expensive, the official repair pricing is outrageous, it is no wonder that many people choose third-party maintenance. According to the new price list given by Apple recently, the small part only wants to say a word that starts with F. If you do not buy Apple care+ that is, warranty maintenance, the IPhone 8 plus external screen repair needs 1388 yuan, other damage price of up to 3288 yuan, while the other models of maintenance price at least 988 yuan, is not felt another kidney ache?

iPhone 8虽好 但是千万别碎屏哦 修不起!

At the end of the conference, Apple also announced that the old models had cut prices. However, adhering to the "buy new not to buy the old" purpose, in the technology development speed so fast now, buy the old model is not a good choice. However, the cost of such expensive maintenance, we still have to be careful on weekdays, especially this year the iphone has been replaced by two-sided glass fuselage. If you want to completely free yourself, or to buy Apple care+, so even if the broken is not afraid!

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