IPhone 8 Plus Red Renderings Exposure

- Jan 05, 2018-

As early as March last year, Apple in order to improve iPhone 7 sales in the country launched a special version of the red, although the machine used in the color red like people, but only the domestic sales did not meet Apple's expectations. Now foreign users have designed their own iPhone 8 Plus red special edition, let us look at the appearance of this phone how?

网友设计的iPhone 8 Plus红色特别版渲染图(图片来自网络)

According to the renderings designed by foreign users, this phone looks more like a combination of iPhone X and iPhone 7 Plus overall. The front of the machine with a 5.5-inch full screen design, a resolution of 1440 × 2560. Its frontal forehead is very narrow, retaining the front handset, sensor and front lens, in addition, the machine does not seem to use the iPhone X equipped with 3D face recognition module, may be to make up for this regret, this design by users iPhone 8 Plus Red Special Edition uses black technology - under the fingerprinting. This machine uses a metal one-piece design and the vertical double camera design on the back of the fuselage, color matching with the iPhone 7 Plus red version is similar to the red color is full of vitality.

网友设计的iPhone 8 Plus红色特别版渲染图(图片来自网络)

According to foreign users said that the aircraft as a special version of the iPhone 8 Plus, a lot of natural configuration to strengthen. The processor uses A11 processor + 4GB of memory. Pixel, it uses a rear 12 million dual cameras, with light image stabilization, 2x zoom and 4K video recording and other functions. It is worth mentioning that this model also supports IP68-level dust and waterproof, familiar 3.5mm headphone jack has also been returned, I believe many wired party here to give applause, do not know if you like this small partner User-designed special version of it?

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