IPhone 8 Welcome Sales, Led Andrews Flagship Set Off A Boom

- Sep 21, 2017-

Well, although the news broke all right, iPhone X is not a trace of surprise, but at least iPhone 8/8 Plus as scheduled, and the price is also good, compared to 9688 yuan iPhone X for the first time I think the iPhone 8 Pricing is not true. After waiting two days, and finally this new "flagship" can be a single, and from its sales trend, the stocking is quite adequate. Whether it is Jingdong or Lynx and other third-party platform, have been able to synchronize the full sale of the whole, I believe that the sales are worth the wait.

iPhone 8喜迎开售 领衔安卓旗舰掀起热潮

Then in addition to the iPhone 8/8 Plus, the Andrews camp also has the slightest loss of the many flagship. After all, the biggest problem with the iPhone 8/8 Plus is still the appearance of the ingenuity, in addition to the back to improve the glass material, but also some changes in the color of gold, even the iPhone 7/7 Plus's official protective shell can be directly GM is really no who.

In spite of the flourishing Andrews camp, whether it is hardware configuration or appearance of process design, did not fall in front of the iPhone 8 down a lot of winds, many aspects even stronger than it, in today's Apple's flagship open pre-sale days, Xiaobian for you Introduce these popular flagship, hoping to help you buy.

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