IPhone 8P And 7P Performance Test Contrast, The Results Were Surprised

- Sep 26, 2017-

From the iPhone 8 Plus has been released for some time, although the new machine is very lonely, but there are a lot of people get the phone. Get the phone, the problem came, looks like the first few generations of iPhone goods are more or less small problems. iPhone 8 Plus performance is no doubt that there is no comparison there is no harm, recently there are foreign media iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus performance test comparison, but the results are surprising.

iPhone 8P和7P性能测试对比 结果很意外

The test is the two models according to their actual test procedures were tested again, in turn from the initial start to open and close their own series of APP, and then switch to open a background APP. From the results, iPhone 8 Plus to complete the test with 4 minutes 10.49 seconds, while the iPhone 7 Plus only 3 minutes 2.01 seconds. As the new flagship, iPhone 8 Plus feel ...

iPhone 8P和7P性能测试对比 结果很意外

The iPhone 8 Plus is the leader in iPhone 7 Plus, but the actual usage is far from running. Many people said that the processor is not a pot, but a lot of software developers are not optimized for the A11 Bionic chip, if that is the case, then believe that with the developer after the iPhone 8 Plus optimization, this problem will be improve.

Configuration, as a new generation of mobile phone products, iPhone 8 Plus hardware configuration is quite powerful, the new A11 processor performance in the strength of no doubt, with the dual camera lens in the camera closer, portrait mode and finally no tasteless, It is one of the most practical way to take pictures, it seems that in this generation of iPhone, the camera has become the most competitive point.

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