IPhone 8s Extended LCD Screen, Designed To Follow IPhone X

- Nov 24, 2017-

Although the iPhone X sales are good, and with the OLED screen has been widely concerned about the outside world, but Rosenblatt Securities analysts confirmed that after the iPhone 8 Apple will still launch a new LCD screen machine. The reason why think so is that OLED screen X X price is too high for many users discouraged, and relatively speaking, LCD screen to lower prices to meet the user.

iPhone 8s延用LCD屏 设计追随iPhone X

However, analysts said that although Apple introduced a new model in 2018 (we call it the iPhone 8s for the time being), the LCD screen will be adopted but the design will follow the iPhone X. Xiao Bian think, the reason may be, in order to ensure the appearance of innovation at the same time reduce the price, giving consumers more choice.

In accordance with the previous KGI Securities analyst Guo Mingchi view, 2018 Apple will introduce two OLED screen iPhone and a LCD screen iPhone, LCD screen models which face the low-end market, the hardware will also have OLED models Obvious difference. In 2018, the main feature of the new iPhone with LCD screen should be the full screen and 3D perception technology at a lower price, and the user can spend less money to experience the most cutting-edge technology, which can be described as a beauty difference.

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