IPhone Battery Replacement Or Will Be Compensated

- Mar 09, 2018-

Over the past few months, the discussion around the Apple iPhone's "Speed Limit Gate" has continued without interruption. Consumers around the world are fighting for the rights of their users. Apple officials have also launched corresponding solutions for them, such as replacing the battery at discounted prices for Apple iPhone users who have passed the warranty period.

At the end of 2017, Apple’s official announcement stated that Apple’s replacement of the warranty battery price was reduced by RMB 390, from RMB 608 to RMB 218. The move will continue to December 2018 for users of the iPhone 6 and subsequent models who need to replace their batteries.

However, prior to Apple's official announcement of the replacement price of the battery, some older iPhone users replaced the mobile phone battery with a full price of RMB 608. For this group of users, they did not enjoy the benefits, but instead paid for Apple's problems.

Today, good news came from foreign media. Reuters reported that Apple has promised some follow-up measures, including additional measures to compensate the Apple mobile phone users who previously replaced the battery at full price.

If you had earlier replaced the Apple iPhone's mobile phone battery with full price, then we suggest that you save the relevant documents, pay attention to the official announcement of the relevant rules in order to obtain Apple's compensation.

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