IPhone Really Want To Support Dual Card Dual Standby

- Jun 29, 2018-

As we all know, dual-card dual standby has long been a daily configuration of domestic manufacturers. Even in the era of the original blowout model, the dual card was a big selling point for the “walled machine.” The delay in joining the dual-card camp by Apple’s mobile phone was not a slow response or stubbornness. According to reports, in fact, Apple's mobile phone can achieve dual SIM dual standby through physical SIM + Apple SIM.

It is reported that the Apple SIM function was launched as early as 2014, which is Apple's solution to replace the physical SIM card with a virtual SIM card. At present, most countries in the world support the Apple SIM function. However, due to Apple SIM's failure to effectively promote it in China for a long time, it has created an embarrassing situation for Apple's mobile phones for years of single-card single-play, which has caused users to complain.

After all, at home, there are differences in package fees between different telecom operators, as well as the existence of many factors such as work/life isolation. Dual card dual standby is almost an essential requirement. According to a statistical report released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), the number of mobile Internet users in China reached nearly 753 million at the end of last year, while more than half of mobile phone users were multi-card users.

According to reports, in response to Apple Electronics' long-standing failure to land in China, 2018 Apple's new mobile phone may launch a customized solution with dual physical card slots in China, which may or may affect the design structure of mobile phones. Does not affect user experience.

At present, the news has not been confirmed or responded by Apple. If the news is true, it may bring considerable pressure and impact to the Android camp. After all, there is already an iPhone 6 compromised to use the "big screen" to help drive sales and help push Apple's stock price. Take a closer look at the high point.

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