IPhone Tesla Phone Case

- May 18, 2018-

This is even more true for the iPhone case. What x-doria, belkin, Otterbox, ozaki and rock and so on, and unlicensed is even more uncountable, we all understand, where not to find Xiaobian said. Recently, Russian luxury goods manufacturer Caviar produced an iPhone X mobile phone case, with a solar panel embedded on the back, which converts light energy into a dedicated battery. Then the user presses the power button on the back to charge the iPhone X's battery. And this protective shell also supports P67 waterproof and dustproof function, 64GB version is 4555 US dollars, equivalent to 29000 yuan in RMB, and 256GB version is 4805 US dollars, equivalent to 30600 yuan, the world limited production of 999 units.

In addition, Caviar gave the phone a "Tesla" name, which isn't a half-dollar relationship with Tesla. According to its official, they intend to send a protective shell to Musk.

A mobile phone shell can easily buy three top version iPhone X, but no one, Xiao Bian turned the history of Caviar, but incredibly, his family has launched a variety of iPhone X custom version of the most eye-catching features are: Luxury, luxury, luxury.

Luxury Customized iPhone X

supper expensive iphone case.jpg

After the launch of the iPhone X last year, Caviar began accepting the iPhone X mobile phone retrofit service, and launched a customized luxury version of the iPhone X. The body material is completely different. The back is made of titanium, and it also incorporates fewer meteorites. , starting at $4,500, equivalent to nearly RMB 30,000.

Liquid Gold Edition iPhone X

liquid gold iPhone X case.jpg

supper expensive iphone case.jpg

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