IPhone Upgrade IOS 11.3,third-party Of USB-C To Lightning Fast-charge Cable Blocked

- Apr 02, 2018-

Since the release of iOS 11, BUG has continued and many non-humanized updates have been added. The recent iPhone upgrade to iOS 11.3 has blocked the third-party USB-C to Lightning fast charging cable, but it also brought a lot of new features, such as the iPhone. Battery health, exclusive iPhone's new Animoji expression, and practical NFC transit card features. iPhone battery health A lot of friends have been waiting for a long time, you can check the iPhone battery health, but the third-party battery is actually excluded!

iPhone X.jpg

iPhone battery health is one of Apple's compensation measures after the "down-door" incident. When the iPhone battery is in poor health, you can remind us to replace the battery. However, most iPhone users who have replaced third-party batteries cannot use this feature even if they upgrade iOS 11.3. Is this what Apple intends to do, or is it unintentionally negative?

 iOS 11.3.jpg

According to the survey, there is a small circuit board on the original battery of the iPhone, which integrates various components, including a dedicated coulomb meter customized by TI. The coulomb meter of the original battery has built-in Apple's proprietary communication protocol, and battery health testing needs Communication with Coulomb meter can be realized, Android battery is probably not this stuff.

It seems that Apple's original battery is indeed high enough, 600 yuan for battery replacement service or "extraordinary function", and "down the door" incident, several models of iPhone popular models original battery has dropped to 217 yuan. Prepare to replace the iPhone battery partner or replace the original battery, quality is more secure, iPhone battery health features will not be missing.

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