IPhone X 11 Big Problem Summary!OMG!

- Nov 22, 2017-

One problem: hate bangs

Bangs on the iPhoneX , , MIX become bald full screen, iPhoneX bangs full screen. The entire screen, the top, eye-catching position, cover a big one, which will make the Virgo's shoes awkward, even if not Virgo, the screen covered with this, will feel the small Uncomfortable.

iphone x.jpg

Second, Home key gone

As Apple's logo design, Home button disappears because of full screen, make a lot of people feel uncomfortable. Many of Home's features have been replaced by other keys, and users of accustomed Apple tangle for a long time. In some specific operations, the existing solution is obviously no Home more convenient.

Third, Jing Xian green line 

iphone x2.jpg

Many users claim that restarting or even fully recovering the device green line does not disappear, and the green line typically runs vertically to the right or left of the display, but can be displayed elsewhere on the screen. Apple spokesman declined to comment or e-mail response to this matter at present, according to user feedback, Apple has begun to replace the affected iPhone X.

Fourth, the touch screen failure

Allegedly, when a user using iPhoneX from indoors to outdoors, suddenly encountered a temperature decrease, the phone instantly failed.

Fifth, the speaker has a noise

At present, more than iPhone X owners to Xiaobian Tucao, the phone's front headphone speakers playing some sound, there will always be "crackling" or "buzzing" sound, it is annoying.

Six, "Internet banking can not be used, the game can not play, video can not!

Full screen with bangs need App for additional adaptation, the current most iOS applications have not yet followed up. Currently IphoneX and most of the APP software is not compatible, such as games, video, and even online banking, APP on the screen display is not beautiful enough to coordinate.

Seven, expensive maintenance "can not afford".

According to Apple's official iPhone repair costs, iPhone X did not buy Apple Care + service, battery repair 618 yuan, screen repair 2288 yuan (iPhone 8 Plus is 1388 yuan), other damage (such as glass back cover) repair more Is up to 4588 yuan, expensive maintenance costs for many users that "can not afford."

Eight, the back of the camera raised.

This is a flawed Apple phone thinning, automatic iPhone 6 has been there.

Nine, face recognition will fail.

The video of twin recognition must have already been seen by everyone.

Ten, "paint off the door."

The earliest to iPhone 5 black version of the paint to the worst, to the iPhone 6, a slight change. However, to the iPhone X, this annoying "chronic illness" and come back.

Eleventh point is the most deadly point: too expensive!LOL !like three months salary! me looked at my16G small iphone 6, I feel it can fight more than 1 year. Hope you protect your wallet.

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