IPhone X Blush Gold Version May Be Listed In January Next Year

- Nov 30, 2017-

As early as the iPhone X release, there have been rumors that this new machine will provide blush gold new color version. However, we did not see this new color after the release of iPhone X. The current iPhone X only dark gray and silver two color, which makes iPhone X new color look forward to the user a little disappointed. But the good news is that the latest news about Blush Gold is now available.

iPhone X腮红金版本或成真

According to the news, iPhone X blush gold version will be listed in January next year. From the exposure renderings, iPhone X rear shell and side frames are used blush gold, although some users think this color is not good, but the real machine may be changed. In fact, trace back to the past, many new color in the mobile phone market are from Apple's new iPhone, such as native Haojin, rose gold, bright black and Chinese red and so on. However, in contrast, although the new color is very attractive to the user's eye, but sales are still more conventional color.

In terms of configuration, iPhone X blush gold version is expected to not have much change, just do not know how the price? Currently, the iPhone X 64GB version of the price of 8388 yuan, 256GB version of the price of 9688 yuan, then blush gold version listed, you want to buy the user may have to spend an amount of small funds.

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