IPhone X Box Appearance, The Final Version Will Be More Amazing!

- Oct 12, 2017-

Apple's Spring Festival Evening this year, especially the dry goods, in addition to the regular upgrade iPhone 8, we have long been looking forward to the iPhone X has finally appeared. Stunning full-screen design, leading Face ID and the high price, so that we have been back to the fear of being dominated by iPhone.

iPhone X包装盒

The face of iPhone 8 sales in the cold, Apple's shipments this year to see the iPhone X. Recently microblogging on the exposure of an iPhone X box picture, according to the Ministry of Industry before the news given, it seems that this phone finally to meet with us. The iPhone X box is also the front of the phone printed on the box, it seems full sense of science and technology. However, there is news that the final version will remove the extra elements on the screen, more concise.

iPhone X

iPhone X as this year's star models, basically meet our expectations for the iPhone. Samsung custom OLED full screen, double-sided glass body, and Face ID, these black technology together with the achievements of such a tenth anniversary of the special version of the phone. The price is naturally not cheap, 256GB version price of 9688 yuan, nearly ten thousand yuan price that many people discouraged. iPhone X will be on October 27 to open the pre-sale, is expected to officially launched on November 3 listing, grab is to earn, we refuel it!

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