IPhone X Fast Charge Vs Slow Charge:double Difference Exist

- Dec 01, 2017-

charging speed.jpg

Test respectively 5W charging head and 29WUSB-C fast charge head iPhoneX charging speed comparison, the starting power of 4%, in the use of fast charging head iPhoneX charge 50% of the charge, the use of 5W charger iPhoneX only charge Into 20% of the electricity. When charged for half an hour, the iPhoneX with a 29W charger was 52% and the iPhoneX with a 5W charger was 21%.

In the final one-hour comparison test, the use of 29W charger iPhoneX power is 81%, the use of 5W charger iPhoneX power is 35%, can be seen iPhoneX fast charge charger and ordinary charger charging speed gap is still quite obvious of.

According to the previous test, iPhoneX 29W charger maximum charging efficiency can reach 15W or so, the test point of view, the purchaser of iPhoneX should buy a fast charge charger.

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