IPhone X First Shipment Exposure, The Amount Is Quite Amazing

- Oct 16, 2017-

This month, iPhone X will officially open the pre-sale, November 3rd launch. Although people look forward to, but the online exposure iPhone X capacity is appalling, the reason for 3D face recognition is deeply aware of the problem of camera, iPhone X good rate is very low. It's time to start the sale. Are the apples ready? How much will it take to reach the user?

iPhone X首批出货量曝光 数量相当“惊人”

Recently, according to a October 14th report in the Zhengzhou customs supervision of the first batch of 46 thousand and 500 units of Apple's new mobile phone iPhone X from the Zhengzhou Xinzheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone delivery, from Xinzheng International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Holland and the United Arab emirates. There have been reports of the first iPhone X domestic supply will be very little, and Apple authorized dealers, iPhone X until the end of September failed to start production, the amount of goods dealers just got home, the amount is about 10 thousand units, will give priority to the next line store sales, a store about 10.

Previously, KGI securities well-known analyst Guo Mingji said in a report, the original feel shortage of camera is only temporary, is expected to be resolved in 2018. After the promotion of production capacity, iPhone X pent up demand will be fully released, the first half of 2018, apple shipments are expected to erupt.

IPhone X most commendable is infinitely close to the ideal value of the full screen design, the front is almost a screen covered with rounded design classic apple, can bring a hitherto unknown visual experience. Configuration, iPhone X using the latest Apple A11 chip, processing performance and image performance is much stronger than the previous generation. System, iPhone X equipped with the latest iOS 11, and iPhone 8 series is different, because there is no entity button, iPhone X interactive way has also changed, the system experience is more rich.

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