IPhone X How To Avoid Burning Screen? Apple Has Given The Answer

- Sep 12, 2017-

OLED screen has a colorful, thin and other advantages, which is more and more flagship mobile phone began to use this screen reasons.

However, the corresponding shortcomings of OLED screen is also very obvious, that is, a long time lit the same pixel will be "burning screen" phenomenon. Once the screen appears "burning screen" phenomenon, not only affect the perception, but also affect the life of the screen.

Samsung in order to solve the home key bit long-term lighting caused by "burning screen" problem, take a small time to switch from the home key pixel position, the maximum extent to avoid this problem.

iOS 11 GM版曝光的代码

As we all know, Apple in this year's new iPhone will also use OLED screen, then "burn screen" problem will naturally be troubled to Apple. However, according to the recent exposure of the iOS 11 GM version of the firmware can see, Apple has been added to the code to solve this problem. According to foreign media, Apple in order to extend the life of the OLED, this code will be raised to the system-level height, can effectively alleviate the screen "burn screen" problem.


From the exposure of the iOS 11 status bar can be seen, iPhone X status bar at different times will show a dynamic effect, although the human eye can not feel this pixel-level fine-tuning, but for the protection of OLED screen, reduce the screen aging problem Said that help is undoubtedly huge.

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