IPhone X Is Expected To Co-exist With Face ID And Touch ID This Year

- Mar 09, 2018-

iPhone X has been on the market for more than one quarter, and the face ID of iPhone X’s biggest innovation has also appeared. There are still many people in Face ID who have been skeptical in the past. The actual experience is also distorted, and the convenience of traditional fingerprint recognition, Recognition speed is still worse.

Not long ago vivo first brought X20 Plus screen fingerprint version of mobile phones, not only support front face recognition, as well as the fingerprint module under the screen, becoming the first listed under the screen fingerprint recognition of mobile phones. Screen fingerprinting is undoubtedly an important direction for Apple and all future vendors.

Apple has always been a mobile phone maker who will be late but will not be absent. This includes new technologies such as dual camera and full screen. Although Apple first followed up, it was a fairly mature design when Apple took it out. There is no doubt that although Apple now has a Face ID, it will certainly follow the fingerprint recognition technology under the screen.

Recently, an exciting news came from the industry chain. In fact, before the iPhone X was released, Apple had a fingerprint version of the test machine, but in the end it did not come up with the reason that the first experience was still poorly lit. There are also problems with the second volume production.

In addition, according to Atherton Research, the Apple iPhone X has not yet given up its fingerprint identification module. Apple is studying how to coexist Face ID and Touch ID. Fingerprint recognition under the screen became a solution that Apple could not bypass.

It is rumored that Apple may try to put it on the cheap iPhone X as soon as possible. At present, they are conquering the technical problems under the LCD screen. In the future, Apple’s mobile phone will be maintained while maintaining Face ID and Touch ID, allowing users to choose their own

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