IPhone X Is Selling Well

- Feb 02, 2018-

In recent years, Apple has always been crowned with "no innovation" and "declination" hat. It seems to be the case from the news of the Internet. But for the big apple, the outside gossip doesn't care. After all, they still have to talk with the data. Apple recently announced this quarter earnings, those bad mouthing Apple could rest!

唱衰苹果?别闹了iPhone X卖得好着呢

According to official data from apple, 77 million 316 thousand iPhone sold in the first quarter, of which iPhone X sales accounted for more than 50%, compared with 78 million 290 thousand in the same period last year, a decrease of 1%, an increase of 66% over the 46 million 677 thousand quarter of the previous quarter. According to the data, the sales of iPhone X are the main force of profit. It seems that the news on the Internet is not reliable.

唱衰苹果?别闹了iPhone X卖得好着呢

In addition, Cook said in an interview with the media that the quarter was the highest quarterly revenue in Apple history, and iPhone X sold more than expected sales. In addition, Apple's revenue in the Greater China region has also finally recovered, with the first quarter total revenue of $17 billion 956 million, a 11% increase compared to the last quarter. This is the iPhone X, which has brought about a new record for apple. It seems that the gossip is unbelievable, and everyone wants to be rational.

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