IPhone X Is The World's Ten Largest Search Keyword On Google

- Dec 14, 2017-

Google released the 2017 Top Search Ranking. It is reported that this popular search ranking is through the analysis of Google Trends data sorted out, including various types, such as technology products, celebrities, popular news and so on. Of course, in the hot search list, no accident occurred iPhone X presence.

谷歌全球十大搜索关键词 iPhone X上榜

In 2017 the world's top ten search hot spots, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X list, hot search rankings were the second and third respectively, iPhone 8 search ranking than the iPhone X also in front, the result is still very surprising of. In addition, the top ten popular consumer technology in 2017 search, iPhone 8 and iPhone X also both on the list, Samsung Galaxy S8, Nokia 3310, Razer phone, OnePlus 5, Nokia 6, etc. These familiar smart machines are also Ten popular search technology in the possession of a seat.

It is worth mentioning that, in the top ten popular technology search, there are eight popular search is a cell phone, the remaining two are game consoles. It is not hard to see that intelligent machines have now become the cutting-edge technology products, the status of consumers in mind than ever before. Smartphone is a great invention, I believe no one will object.

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