IPhone X Screen Displays Amazing In The World

- Nov 07, 2017-

On the eve of the listing of iPhone X, its OLED screen is particularly attractive. Now iPhone X officially listed, the screen test mechanism of DisplayMate is also the first time to test the OLED screen, DisplayMate said, the OLED screen is they tested the most innovative and high performance intelligent mobile phone screen, how the detailed index, we then look down.

iPhone X

IPhone X screen display in color is very brisk, either the standard sRGB or DCI-P3 color gamut color gamut, iPhone X performance is close to the standard, and iPhone X will automatically switch to the correct color gamut, ensure that users see the true colors.


DisplayMate shows that, compared with the LCD screen, iPhone X has a very small drop in brightness at 30 degrees of visual angle, and has the highest rating in color shift test.

iPhone X色彩表现

It can be seen that the screen of iPhone X is indeed the best OLED display in the world. This Samsung's screen can also see the strong R & D strength of Samsung, and the domestic OLED screen should also refuel.

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