IPhone X Sold 10 Million Units A Week!

- Dec 01, 2017-

According to Rosenblatt survey results, Apple sold a total of 6 million iPhone X phones in the past "Black Friday" weekend promotions, and all of them are 256GB versions, which is quite exaggerated.

Iphone X..jpg

This weekend's promotions, the sales of 256GB version of iPhone X is roughly double the 64GB version, which means conservative estimates, just this one promotion, Apple almost sold about 10 million iPhone X.

iphone X.jpg

In addition, the report also mentioned that, iPhone X production capacity is currently 3 million a week, and by December, the weekly capacity will be increased to 4 million, so the next month the new machine to open the sale of the basic no suspense, Of course, Apple was relieved that the demand for iPhone X did not decline, but to improve the capacity of the aircraft.

The industry chain is actively preparing for the current, because after the Christmas season is the Chinese Lunar New Year, which is also a good time for domestic users to buy a new machine.

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