Iphone X Too Ugly?Apple Co-founder Said That!

- Oct 25, 2017-


As a apple fans , Apple co-founder Wozniak grams line up to buy a new iPhone, but this year the situation may not exist.

Over the past few years, Wozniak is the first time after the new iPhone market line to buy, but this year he wants to change this situation. Wozniak said in an interview with the media, this year's iPhone X is a failure, did not inspire his desire to buy.

Some people are surprised that Wozniak is very satisfied with the iPhone 8, although the basic shape did not change, but the inherent upgrade is still worth buying, for the iPhone X Wozniak is said that the phone in the shape On the design of the radical, the former design of the sea can not accept their own, and black technology face recognition is not necessarily so easy to use.

Regardless of Wozniak line up to buy Apple iPhone X, are not much relationship, because there are still lot of peopel wanna buy it .

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