IPhone XS Beauty Distortion? Developer Response: No Built-in Filters

- Oct 09, 2018-

Researchers believe that the so-called "beauty" does not exist, but Apple has adjusted the algorithm to reduce the contrast of the picture through noise reduction and exposure synthesis. That is to say, the details on the screen still exist, but the eyes are not so sharp, but it looks a bit smooth.

According to Halide, not only is the portrait self-portrait, but the situation extends to other situations, including shooting other objects in the dark. The researchers' test results show that whether it is cat or wood grain, it will have a smooth effect under dark conditions.

Simply put, the iPhone XS has better noise reduction than the previous iPhone, but at the cost of a darker contrast.

iphone xs photo.jpg

Left: iPhone X RAW; Right: iPhone XS RAW

In their tests, Halide found that Apple's tuning of the iPhone camera is more inclined to high-speed shutters and higher ISO settings, which is likely to lead to increased noise. In order to solve this problem, Apple introduced the intelligent HDR function to reduce noise through continuous shooting and post-synthesis. As a result, the details and contrast on the screen will be lost.

This situation is especially noticeable during self-portraits. In the self-timer, most of the time is in a high-definition background, such as the sun backlighting scene. In this case, you will find that the face will not be dark, and the face will be smoother and the details will be reduced. In other words, the camera algorithm chooses the former between the ability to take pictures and the less noise and sharper details.

At the fall conference, Apple said it upgraded the camera function and front camera of the new iPhone. Its self-timer camera system uses faster sensors, improved chips, and adds "smart HDR" functionality, using "advanced algorithms." "Let the photos work better. However, the actual self-portrait effect of iPhone XS and Phone XS Max has caused dissatisfaction among some European and American users, because they think that the new selfie makes them look "too good".

Some iPhone XS users believe that Apple has directly added the "beauty mode" of the automatic microdermabrasion in the camera algorithm. The self-timer using the iPhone XS presents an automatic beauty state, and the skin is more moist, which makes the shot The photos that came out were unreal and the feature could not be turned off. Some European and American users spoke on the forum. The famous YouTube digital technology blogger Lewis Hilsenteger called this controversy "Beautygate".

Yesterday, the "Meiyanmen" incident was fermented on the Internet, causing a large number of netizens to watch. It said that this function is tailor-made for Chinese users. Some netizens ridiculed that "I am sorry, this is supposed to be sent to China."

The intelligent beauty function is very popular in China. Many softwares such as vibrato are specially developed to make beauty functions. Domestic manufacturers are also one of the promotional points of beauty, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi and Huawei. Have launched a mobile phone that focuses on taking photos.

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