IPhoneX Face ID Not Work For The Asian And Give Refund To A Chinese Women

- Dec 18, 2017-

Recently, a Chinese woman returned an iPhoneX because her iPhone was easily unlocked by her colleagues, and some netizens joked that for iPhone X, every Chinese person is the same. According to the south China morning post, the nanjing woman did not believe what she said when she called apple's customer service center. Instead of asking for help, she and her colleagues went to the nearby apple store to prove to the clerk about the problem of facial recognition software.


After seeing the problem firsthand, the apple store clerk decided to refund the money to the woman.

The lady tells a reporter, after she buy iPhone X, she shall, in accordance with the instruction set face recognition software, however, when her colleagues to test the function, with his face relaxed unlock her cell phone.

Later, the woman bought another iPhone X and reconfigured her face recognition software, but still failed to use it successfully. Her colleagues are still able to unlock the phone. Then the store clerk refunded her.

The south China morning post noted that it was not known whether the woman, who was in charge of the money, could have used the money to buy her third iPhone X.

Although before someone took the iPhone X to test the accuracy of the twins to unlock, but recent news pointed out that in addition to colleagues to unlock, each other before rumors wife can unlock the iPhone X and your mother-in-law. In video, the wife of the netizen USES WeChat to send out red packets and Face ID is verified, and then the mother-in-law also gives out red envelopes in the same way. Maybe for iPhone X, all Chinese people are the same.

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