IPhoneX New Model Release:elegant Gray Style

- Feb 27, 2018-

Clumsy calm brown is to meet the fashion trend of color. Simple brown, more natural crocodile skin "Tian" texture, crocodile leather valuable, made on the artisanal technology put forward high requirements, each phone is through more than 100 processes, and ultimately build , So that is particularly rare, but also because of less so more precious.


Side of the phone with local tycoon gold metal, logo and camera are used local tycoon gold metal, with brown crocodile skin is very elegant, very amazing.


Black panel with the local gold, not only does not seem vulgar, but more it highlights the uninhibited with noble visual beauty, are not willing to put down in the hands, really not like a cell phone rather like a work of art.


The entire model was very simple and luxurious appearance of the atmosphere is also full, very suitable for cortex lovers and business people, do not know how you think?

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