Iridium Red Gold IPhone X Mass Production?Do Girls Like It?

- Mar 23, 2018-

As another explosive product of Apple, the launch of the iPhone X has resulted in the question of double harvest sales. For consumers, long-lost design changes are the fundamental driving force for their replacement. Unlike previous “more choices and more laughter”, this time, Apple is more conservative and has only introduced black and white and color options, returning to the simple atmosphere of the past.

“腮红金”iPhone X

Recently, there were reports that the iPhone X, which was previously exposed, has already been mass-produced and will be available soon. Breaking newser Benjamin Geskin recently shared a photo of a suspected golden iPhone spy on Twitter, stating that the spy photo shows the iPhone's vertical twin shots, which are easily reminiscent of the appearance of the golden iPhone X.

“腮红金”iPhone X量产中?女生们喜欢么

In addition to the golden iPhone X spy photos, Geskin also exposed the golden SIM slot spy photos that iPhone X released before the release. However, he said: "The iridium-red gold iPhone X is code-named D21A. Now the device has already started production. Of course, this device may be released later, and it may be cancelled." It seems that Apple is also going to carry out "technology to replace shells." Based on the old routine. Can the new color match make iPhone X sell again? Let us wait and see!

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