Is There Any Reason To Love IPhone X So Much?yes,8 reasons !

- Nov 21, 2017-

First, design.


Its screen is beautiful, but also equipped with a deep camera system, while face ID has become a unique part of the iPhone X. Along the edge of the stainless steel frame plus glass body design, feeling like a classic iPhone aesthetics and new things together, you should also fall in love with iPhone X design.

Second, the screen is very gorgeous.


Apple first used the OLED screen on the iPhone X, which is very different from the old-style screen.

This 5.8-inch display is one of the best screens on the market today. It is very bright, supports HDR, but also introduces True Tone technology that automatically adjusts colors based on ambient lighting. It is very sharp.

Third, its size is perfect.


Because the iPhone X is a full screen, its size is smaller than the 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus. Many of my friends think that the size of the iPhone X is very modest, very harmonious.

Fourth, the performance is strong enough.


iPhone X equipped with Apple's latest A11 bionic processor. Many people use the "performance monster" to describe this chip, but from the major run sub-site we also see the iPhone X brush out a staggering achievements.

Fifth, face ID.


Using face ID unlocking is equally fast, and in Apple's terms, it's safer. The key is that face ID will also continue to improve as the system, it will become better and better.

Sixth, fantastic camera.


The iPhone X camera has scored high marks on some of the evaluation sites. At the same time, it also has a better portrait mode, I believe you will be happy to take the iPhone X to go with the beat.

Seventh, wireless charging.


We finally wait until the iPhone supports wireless charging function, and Apple finally opened the door.

Eighth, Animoji.


Well, I believe the recent gods are constantly digging Animoji's potential, how are you going to play Animoji it?

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