Lenovo Z5 Announced It Will Be Released In 6.5! AI Dual Camera + Up To 4TB Storage

- May 28, 2018-

This morning, Lenovo officially announced that it would hold a press conference in Beijing on June 5. The new national flagship Lenovo Z5 will be officially unveiled. Before this, related information of Lenovo Z5 has been exposed. Let's review it together.

Lenovo Z5.jpg

According to Lenovo's vice president, Chang Cheng revealed that the Lenovo Z5 will have more than 95% of the full screen, the application of "particle technology", storage space up to 4TB, and has 45 days long standby power.

Lenovo Z3.jpg

In terms of photographing, the “AI Dual Camera” in the lower left corner of the sample proofs can confirm that the aircraft is equipped with a rear dual camera, and at the same time introduced the AI technology blessing, which can set camera parameters for different scenes. Pure, structured, the overall performance is quite good.

Lenovo Z5 mobile.jpg

It is worth mentioning that before the start of the journey, the Xiaolong 845 was likened to the Xiaolong 810. Therefore, the Lenovo Z5 may not be equipped with the Xiaolong 845 processor. However, it still depends on June 5 (next Tuesday). The conference, let us wait and see.

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