LG G7 Will Also Use The Bangs Screen

- Apr 04, 2018-

To say that the current most popular mobile phone ID design, bangs screen is definitely the first place. Since the introduction of Apple's iphone x, it seems that everyone began to unbridled up, after all, follow the Apple will not go wrong. LG as one of the international manufacturers, in recent years, the pace of innovation has stagnated, the new machine market feedback is not very good. But this time LG's new flagship, but follows the trend, uses the fringe full screen.


In fact, LG G7 this phone earlier in the MWC has been exposed, the recent explosion of the great God Slashleaks and further confirmed the appearance of the new machine. From the screen components he broke out, LG G7 determined that it would use a full bang screen design, the front looks like a double camera, and the sensor is also integrated in the Liu Haizhong.


 From the previous MWC exposure of the hands-on video, LG G7 also used the more popular bangs + chin design, the fuselage border control can be. LG G7 is reported to be equipped with a 6-inch display, with a resolution of 3120x1440, with a ratio of 19.5:9. Equipped with Gaotong 845 processor, 6GB RAM+64/128GB ROM. Use a rear-mounted 16 million megapixel camera and a 3000mAh battery.

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