Limited Black-and-white Headset Beoplay E8 Landing In China

- Mar 06, 2018-

From Denmark's world top audiovisual brand B&O, the Beoplay E8 special limited edition, the alcohol black and the alcohol white, has officially landed in China today.

限量黑白耳机太好看 Beoplay E8登陆中国

The two paragraphs of Beoplay E8 alcohol black and alcohol white show the charm and charm of the extreme contrast and fusion, each having the same strength but closely linked. The minimalist style and timeless reality shown in this alcohol black and alcohol white not only lead a fashion trend, but also represent the lifestyle advocated by fashion, art, design and photography enthusiasts.

The design of spattering and dustproof allows Beoplay E8 to bring a relaxed listening experience for you to move. The transparency model enables the surrounding sound to be incorporated into your listening. Whether listening to music, switching tracks, calling, activating transparent mode or voice commands, you don't need to remove smart phones from your pocket. You can control everything through the intuitive touch interface on earphones.

限量黑白耳机太好看 Beoplay E8登陆中国

Beoplay E8 can provide up to four hours of music playback after a single charge, and its mobile charging box is also very convenient to use. Only two earphones can be inserted into the charging box, which can automatically charge and achieve two extra full charges. Beoplay E8 contains a pocket magnet that automatically fits the grooves of the charging box to recharge the energy for your next trip.

Bang & Olufsen's highly praised audio engineers adjust the sound effect of Beoplay E8 in a rich, round and exquisite way, which can bring unique audio-visual enjoyment and effectively prevent hearing fatigue. Through the Android mobile phone, mobile phone apple and apple smart watch on Beoplay App, Beoplay E8 can adjust the volume and tone; adjust the sound to be convenient for use, users on different occasions such as work, work, listen to the radio; monitoring battery usage; through wireless software update.

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