Lithium Battery Is Actually Very Durable

- Jul 05, 2017-

Widely circulated on the lithium battery of the question also includes: lithium battery highly toxic, short-lived, easy to explode, the use of harsh conditions; can not be recycled, resulting in a huge environmental pressure ... really so?

Lithium battery is highly toxic Response: lithium battery does not contain highly toxic substances, the impact is much smaller than the lead-acid battery "lithium-ion battery and lithium battery strictly speaking in the concept or there is a difference." China Automotive Technology Research Center power battery chief expert, battery testing and application technology Union Secretary-General, senior engineer Wang Fang said that lithium batteries usually refers to the lithium metal or lithium alloy as the negative, the use of non-aqueous electrolyte battery. Lithium-ion battery that can recharge the secondary battery, the negative electrode does not use lithium metal, relying on lithium-ion moving between the positive and negative to work. However, in daily life, people used to lithium-ion battery referred to as lithium batteries or lithium. It is understood that China's promotion of new energy vehicles (including pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars) are mostly used lithium-ion batteries, of which lithium iron phosphate accounted for 80% -90%, three yuan lithium battery in the passenger car Also began large-scale application. For the network of articles pointed out that the lithium battery is "highly toxic dangerous goods" argument, Wang Fang refuted that lithium batteries compared to lead acid, nickel chromium, nickel and hydrogen and other traditional batteries, do not produce any lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic Harmful heavy metal elements and substances, relatively small pollution. And its electrolyte is organic solvent and lithium salt, mostly non-toxic or low toxicity; but lithium battery decomposition or hydrolysis products for hydrofluoric acid and other fluorine compounds, with a certain degree of corrosion and toxicity. "Lithium battery poisoning said," China Electronics Technology Group 18 Institute researcher level senior engineer Liu Haojie said that lithium-ion battery itself does not contain highly toxic substances, negative carbon and cathode metal oxide is basically non-toxic. As the lithium-ion battery is a sealed system, the normal use is not exposed to these substances. "In any case, its impact is far less than the current application of the most extensive lead-acid batteries." Lithium battery life is short, the use of harsh conditions? Response: power lithium-ion battery life of up to 2000 cycles, the battery management system can limit the "overcharge and over discharge" current lithium battery life how long? Does the shallow release and overcharge have an impact on battery safety and longevity? "There are many factors that determine the life of power lithium-ion batteries, including the characteristics of the system itself, including the manufacturing process, the use of working conditions, etc. High-quality battery system, plus scientific system management, can achieve a very long life. Fang said that in accordance with the capacity decay to 80% as a cut-off condition, according to 100% of the depth of discharge test, the current battery life can reach the basic cycle of 2000.

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