Lithium Battery Phone The Correct Charging Method

- Jul 05, 2017-

Nowadays mobile phone has become our necessary communication tool, but in order to make your mobile phone use more long and more secure, then you must know the correct charging method of mobile phone, but also know what cell phone battery charging errors.

Mobile phones are essential items of modern people, and now almost all of a hand phone, and to charge the phone has become a thing we will do every day. But you know what cell phone battery charging errors? What is the correct way to charge the phone? The following good to understand some of it Mistakes mobile phone battery charging What are the correct charging method for mobile phone recharge cell phones misunderstanding phone charging misunderstanding: new battery charge and discharge completely several times to activate the Comprehensive Inspection Department China National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for household appliances, household appliances Institute director Lu Jian told "Life Times "reporter, different battery products need different ways to charge, be sure to use the product description. Early nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries required similar "activation". These batteries will have a "memory effect", in the state of incomplete discharge, easy to make the battery overcharge, a long time will make the user feel that electricity will soon run out. However, the batteries used on mobile phones and laptops are mostly lithium-ion batteries. Its initialization process has been completed at the time of manufacture, so it is not necessary to activate when it is used. Mobile phone charging error 2: reduce the number of charging, you can extend the battery life General lithium-ion battery life can reach hundreds of charge and discharge cycle, where the charge and discharge cycle refers to the power consumption and then filled with the process, rather than plug in the charger And then even 1 times. Lithium battery no memory effect, you can always charge, in order to reduce the number of charging and deliberately the battery after the light and then filled, and can not extend the battery life, but the battery life has a negative impact. In addition, if the phone is automatically shut down, lithium battery due to excessive discharge caused by the internal voltage is too low, there may be unable to boot and charge the situation. Therefore, lithium battery charging pay attention to "eat less meals", frequent shallow charge and discharge more help to extend its life. Mobile phone charging error three: overcharge will cause the battery to explode the lithium battery will generally have a safety circuit and a variety of safety devices to ensure that excessive charge and discharge and short circuit automatically cut off the battery circuit; battery internal pressure is too high will trigger the exhaust device Decompression; battery temperature is too high will trigger the thermal protection device, thus stopping the electrochemical reaction of the battery. Therefore, unless there is a quality problem, the battery will not be charged for a long time and the explosion occurred. However, do not unplug the power after charging, make the battery has been fully charged state, although it will not explode, but will speed up the loss of battery capacity. In addition, there are rumors that phone calls when the phone will cause an explosion. Experts said that this argument is untenable, if there is such a danger, the product will set the charging process does not access the phone. However, from a health point of view, the wire will limit the scope of the user activities, charging the phone, may allow users to fixed a long time in a place, resulting in excessive muscle tension, it is best to unplug the power and then call. When charging the battery above do not cover anything, do not put on the bed, so as to avoid a fire. Mobile phone battery charging errors What are the correct way to charge the phone mobile phone correct charging method common sense 1. battery factory, the manufacturers have been activated to deal with, and the pre-charge so the battery has electricity, a friend said the battery in accordance with the adjustment period of time charge , Standby is still a serious shortage, assuming that the battery is genuine battery, then this case should be extended to adjust the period and then 3 - 5 times the full charge and discharge. 2. If the new mobile phone battery is lithium-ion so the first 3 to 5 times the charge is generally called the adjustment period, should be charged 12 hours to ensure full activation of lithium ion activity. Lithium-ion battery has no memory effect, but there is a strong inertia, should be given full activation, in order to ensure that the use of the future to achieve the best performance. 3. Some automated intelligent fast charger when the signal lights change, only that is filled with 90% of the charge to 90%, the charger will automatically change the slow charge mode will be filled with mobile phone, so the most So that after the battery is full of use, otherwise it will shorten the life of the phone Oh. 4. Before charging, lithium batteries do not need a special discharge, improper discharge but will damage the battery charge as far as possible to slow charge, reduce the fast charge mode; time not more than 24 hours. The battery after three to five full charge and discharge cycle after its internal chemical substances will be all "activated" to achieve the best results. 5. Please use the original or reputable brand of the charger lithium battery to use lithium battery charger, and follow the instructions, otherwise it will damage the battery, or even dangerous.

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