Lithium-ion Battery New Market Demand

- May 31, 2017-

As we all know, lithium-ion battery new market demand is very fast to form. Lithium-ion batteries are currently divided into three blocks. The first piece is consumer electronics. Now everyone in the mobile device above, smart phones, notebook computers have been the vast majority of lithium-ion battery, and this market capacity can basically billions as a unit to calculate. The second block is now the rise of the demand for electric vehicles, whether it is pure electric cars or plug-in hybrid cars, the current demand has gradually formed. The third block, to remind colleagues to note that the future use of lithium in the field of energy storage. Its market capacity will be wider than the electric car, and even can use such a trillion output value to measure its market.

Electric vehicles and energy storage market demand for lithium-ion battery to form a new market space. At present, a group of technical basis and production capacity of enterprises in the very fast growth, power battery technology is also very rapid. Lithium battery is one of the most commonly used types of electric vehicles, is being used more and more new energy vehicles. Although the lithium-ion battery in the energy density can not be compared with gasoline, but other battery technology to achieve the level of lithium-ion battery is also very difficult. Lithium-ion battery from the energy density and service life of these two points, other batteries can not be replaced. From the lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, and then to lithium-ion battery, energy density has been continuously improved. At present, the mainstream electric vehicles equipped with lithium batteries, including lithium iron phosphate and three lithium battery two. Compared to lithium iron phosphate batteries, ternary lithium batteries and energy density in the weight to be much higher, in addition, three yuan lithium battery in the winter low temperature resistance is much higher than the lithium iron phosphate battery. Means that the same weight of the three yuan lithium battery than lithium iron phosphate battery life longer. As the lithium iron phosphate battery energy density to improve the space has been very small, and three yuan lithium battery development space, so the future of three yuan lithium battery will become the technical trend of electric vehicles. From the current point of view, electric vehicles and energy storage applications require security, high energy density, long life, low cost, and has a very mature technology products to achieve industrialization, to match the rapid development of these two industries. Now, lithium-ion battery is the best choice. Broad market demand is also attracting a lot of research and development and manufacturing into the industry which, to promote the development of lithium-ion battery technology by leaps and bounds, so the industry has recently developed very fast. Talking about the power battery, in fact, the technical above is very important. Power battery pursuit of five aspects of performance, security is placed in the first place, the other two pursuit, one is the energy density, one is the power density, and then very important is the service life.

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