Meizu 15 Ink Color Show Time

- Apr 26, 2018-

Meizu 15 uses a 5.46-inch FHD display, the screen ratio of 16:9, although not using the mainstream of the full screen design, but because of its extremely narrow frame, the overall screen ratio is still quite outstanding. The front forehead features a hidden earpiece design, and only one centered front camera on the top frame looks very concise.


At the bottom of the fuselage is to retain the Meizu classic dot home button design, which uses a pressure sensor chip, and has the world's smallest frontal fingerprint module, the perception and feel are very good.


Meizu 15's body is made of stainless steel and aluminum composite material. It is coated with an ultra-thin stainless steel material on the basis of the high-strength aluminum alloy rear shell, and it is integrally formed to keep it light and thin while retaining the touch of stainless steel metal. , And in the injection antenna also uses a unique pattern design, close-up looks full of exquisite sense.


The overall body has a large arc to ensure the grip of the phone, which is the Meizu flagship phone has always been a feature. Dual camera and ring flash are arranged vertically to set the upper position in the fuselage. The Meizu logo is in a symmetrical position below. This distribution way makes people look very comfortable.


Meizu 15 can be said to be a mobile phone with a variety of flagship classic designs in Meizu, but its short board is also quite obvious, there is no full screen, no colorful glass body, and even compared with today's mobile phone with the same price Some are outdated. In the end is a tribute to the classic or stubborn old-fashioned, for Meizu 2018's first flagship new machine,how do you think?


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