Meizu New Machine 16X Configuration Running Score Exposure: Xiaolong 710+6G Storage

- Aug 15, 2018-

Now, Geekbench has appeared the Meizu new machine code-named M1872. The machine is equipped with the Snapdragon 710 processor. If nothing else, the machine may be the Meizu 16X new machine to be released next month.


From the running screenshots, this M1872 mobile phone single-core running is 1851, multi-core running is 5558, built-in 6GB memory, running Android 8.1 system. According to Huang Zhang’s previous report, the competitor’s aiming product is Xiaomi 8SE. From the actual running situation, this score is almost at the same level as the Xiaomi 8SE model.


This cost-effective Meizu 16X mobile phone will use Liu Haiping + back fingerprint recognition design, equipped with Xiaolong 710 processor, the starting price should not exceed 2,000 yuan, compared to Xiaomi 8SE, which one do you prefer?

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