Micro-lithium Battery, To Help 3D Print More Outstanding

- Sep 29, 2017-

In order to make 3D printing can come out more and better results, recently, the United States Harvard University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researchers to develop a 3D printing of micro-lithium-ion battery, which lithium battery Although only a grain of sand size, and the electrochemical performance comparable to commercial batteries. Related papers published online in the "Advanced Materials" magazine.

The project is led by Professor Jennifer Lewis, Professor of the Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, Hans Jorgenson Bionic Engineering Institute. The team has designed a range of "ink" with a variety of chemical and electrical properties, with these inks and their specially designed 3D printers to print out precision structures with electrical, optical, chemical or biological properties, Widen the scope of application of 3D printing.

The ink is actually some chemical material, because it is very fine, looks like ink. "Ink" is divided into two types: cathode ink and anodic ink, in which a metal lithium oxide nanoparticles constitute anodic ink, so this micro-device is actually a refined lithium battery. When the bipolar material is prepared, they are wrapped into a tiny, anode and cathode interlocking multilayer stack structure, each layer thickness than the hair is also fine. Then, these electrodes are packed in a small container, filled with electrolyte to complete the manufacture of lithium batteries.

From the performance point of view, in the charge and discharge rate, cycle life and current strength, their electrochemical performance and existing technology can be made of rechargeable lithium batteries comparable to medical, communications and other fields of micro-equipment, including many in the laboratory , The lack of small battery inventions to provide enough power.

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