Millet 7 Is Coming? Xiaomi Confirms The Location Of The Conference In Shenzhen

- May 15, 2018-

Millet mobile phone as a domestic light, completely changed the pattern and gameplay of the mobile phone industry, so that everyone is using a cheap mobile phone. In recent years, after continuous development, Xiaomi’s mobile phones have achieved good results both at home and abroad. After the release of MIX 2S, everyone's attention was again aimed at the next flagship of the 7 millet, this phone can be said to shoulder a lot of people's expectations, which in the end will be more amazing?


This morning Xiaomi’s mobile phone said on Weibo: “Let’s meet Shenzhen!” and is accompanied by a photo of Shenzhen. According to netizens speculation, this is about to unveil the flagship millet 7 that everyone looks forward to! From the current exposure of the news, this site in addition to the millet 7, may also publish special millet 8th anniversary of the phone, may be called millet 8!


From the current renderings, Xiaomi 7 will be equipped with a 5.65-inch fringe screen, which may use 3D structured light and fingerprint technology. Millet 7 Liu Hai and iPhone X similar, chin and border control is very narrow, the back of the fuselage at the back of the upper left vertical alignment. It is reported that the price of the millet 7 6GB+64GB is 2799 yuan, 6GB+128GB is 3299 yuan. As to whether Millet 7 and Xiaomi 8 are products or whether there is any big move, we can only wait for the release of the meeting.

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