Millet 7 Lite/MIX 3S... Millet New Machine Was Exposed

- May 14, 2018-

The millet that rebounded completely in 2017 has been very active this year. Not only has the Indian market won the first place, but the new mobile phone has also been kept on the go. According to foreign media killerfeatures reports, a certificate issued by the Eurasian Economic Commission’s official website revealed several models that Xiaomi will launch this year, including such popular products as Xiaomi 7 Lite, MIX 3S and Redmi Note 6.

小米MIX 2

As shown below, Xiaomi and Hongmi sub-brands will release ten models, including Mi7 Lite, Mi S1, Mi S2, Mi S3, Redmi S1, Redmi S1, Redmi S3, Mi Mix 3s, and Redmi Note 6. Redmi Note 6A, Redmi Note 6a Prime, Redmi Note 6 Prime, Redmi 6a Plus, Redmi A1 and Redmi A2. Due to the different naming rules at home and abroad, it is difficult to confirm which models will be listed in the domestic market.


According to the latest news on the Internet, the note 7 will be officially listed on May 27. Therefore, the conference time will be before the 27th. It is reported that at this conference, Xiaomi will also release the commemorative model of the 8th anniversary of Xiaomi Technology, Xiaomi 8. If you really have Xiaomi 8, do you expect it?

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