Millet 8 5.31 Shenzhen Release: Top Flagship Is Here!

- May 22, 2018-

Xiaomi, as a representative of new domestic products, has grown in strength after several years of development and has become a rising star of domestic brands. After the Xiaomi MIX series was released, it set off a wave of comprehensive screens around the world. And Xiaomi's next flagship is naturally of concern. Last night, the Xiaomi WeChat account announced that “Tomorrow morning, there will be something to tell!” The word “SJS” underneath caused endless imagination. At the same time, Xiaomi’s mobile phone also published a poll on Weibo, and surveyed everyone’s hope that the news will be released at a few points.

小米8定档5.31深圳发布 顶级旗舰来了!

At 10:00 this morning, Xiaomi Guanwei officially announced the news of the new machine. Xiaomi said, "I'm fighting for the 8th anniversary masterpiece. Xiaomi's annual flagship conference will be held in Shenzhen on May 31." At this point, the new machine was finally identified as Xiaomi 8, and it should be the flagship of the 8th anniversary of Xiaomi's establishment.

小米8定档5.31深圳发布 顶级旗舰来了!

The words “Millet's Annual Flagship Conference” on the bottom of the poster are very exciting to fans. From the previous exposure news, the Xiaomi 8 will be equipped with Xiaolong 845 AIE chip, has a 3D structure of light face recognition, also has a fingerprint under the screen, floating perception, quick unlock and other functions. There are also AI dual camera, optical zoom and optical image stabilization. As for the selling price, Xiaomi 8 may have four versions, 6+64GB version costs 3599 yuan; 8+128GB sells for 4,099 yuan; 8+256GB sells for 4,499 yuan; and the top is 8+512GB, priced at 4,899 yuan. As to whether these messages are true or false, we can only wait for the release of the announcement.

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